Dr. Yang is an extremely caring and compassionate dentist. I have been a dental patient of Dr. Yang’s at Family Dentistry of South Brunswick for about three years, and I recommend her with highest praise. I personally have extreme and irrational anxiety with anything associated with dentistry. Dr. Yang and her entire staff anticipates this and goes out of their way to help put me at ease. The staff is professional, yet personable, and I can immediately perceive they care about my health and happiness. Dr. Yang’s gentle nature, unquestionable knowledge of dentistry, and desire to communicate well is both reassuring and greatly valued.

I am really happy to be Dr. Yang’s patient! 

                                                                                                                              ---- J. Wallace

I’ve been going to Family Dentistry of South Brunswick for the past year or so and have found Dr. Yang and her staff to be extremely professional, caring and genuinely concerned for the well-being of their patients. Lissa, Donna & Dr. Yang are always willing to accommodate my hectic schedule and take the time to explain my options to ensure I’m in the know and comfortable before proceeding. In a world where many practitioners are looking to move patients quickly through the system, Dr. Yang and her team consistently raise the bar for customer caring and service. I’ve found their approach to pain management to be above reproach and they consistently provide top notch dentistry in a comfortable, calming and professional manner. I would highly recommend them to any new patients in the South Brunswick, NJ area looking for a professional team that provides top-notch dentistry combined with a caring patient-centric approach. Type your paragraph here.      

                                                                                                                                  ---- R. Shaw

"With all the insurance changes over the years, I've been searching for a good dentist for my children. FDOSB was our third in 2 years and we are finally Happy! Dr. Yang is great! Very skilled, caring, understanding and doesn't pressure you into services you may not want. Both kids came out smiling...even the one who is a little scared of the dentist. I highly recommend this office. Type your paragraph here."

                                                    ---- J. Borelli

" It has been a great experience to receive dental treatment(fillings and cosmetic bonding) from Dr Yang. She makes it look so easy and simple with a personal touch. She is very knowledgeable and her pleasant and can do attitude, alleviates any pain before you know it. Toni is a very detailed and thorough hygienist and she ensures that cleaning is as important as any other preventive treatment. Our best wishes to a great and family oriented team!" 


                                                     ----  M. Shah

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​​ Family Dentistry of South Brunswick Reviews

Family Dentistry of South Brunswick



" I have had bad experience with dentists in the past and so I avoided going to the dentist for a while. But then I urgently needed dental care one day and had to find a good dentist. That’s when I stepped into Dr. Ling Yang’s office where she was at the time just taking over the practice in South Brunswick. Even though Dr. Yang had excellent credentials and ten years of experience, since she was new to the area, I was a bit skeptical. But I didn’t want to be judgmental and so I decided to give her a chance. I am always a little anxious or apprehensive when it comes to dealing with my teeth. But Dr. Yang as I call her put me completely at ease on my first visit by explaining everything about the procedure and treatment very clearly and answering all of my questions. What I like about her is that she listens to you patiently unlike many other dentists that I have been to, who always tried to discourage you from asking questions and blame you for negligence, sometimes even trying to be intimidating and humiliating. But I found Dr. Yang to be the opposite, she was very different from all the other dentists that I had visited. She was very knowledgeable, professional, comforting and encouraging. She immediately made me feel very relaxed. So I had my first dental procedure done by her, which was an extraction. She was so gentle and the whole experience was amazing that I didn’t feel even the slightest pain or discomfort. So I walked out of her office feeling happy and confident. Then I had several follow up visits with her for deep cleaning, root canal and fillings. Every time, she gave me the best personal care and attention that one could ask for from a dentist. It was always a pleasant experience. I now have a much more stronger and healthier teeth than before and I am very satisfied with the outcome. Thanks to Dr. Yang. I am glad that I finally found Dr. Ling Yang for all my dental needs. She is awesome. Her entire team including lead assistant Donna and hygienist Toni are also well trained, supportive and very helpful. Also worth mentioning here are office manager Lissa and front desk staff Lilian who are always warm, welcoming and willing to accommodate and schedule your appointments and make you feel at home. So if you are nervous and afraid of going to the dentist like me, then Dr. Yang is the one for you. I strongly recommend Dr. Ling Yang for all your dental problems. Give her a try and see for yourself. Trust me, you would be glad you did."

                                                                                                                                               ---- M. Nair 

Ling Yang, DMD